Our Story

Mattar & Pearls

Before the discovery of oil, the majority of our forefathers in the Arabian Gulf - in fact our countries’ entire economies - revolved around natural pearl diving and trading. Of those original pearl merchants, only a handful of families remain today, driven by a deep love and passion for this deep-rooted trade.

Our family, bin Mattar, is one of those families. Indeed, this trade has been a part of us for more than 150 years. Our dedication and continued success comes down to the fact that we belong to the most notable home of pearls of all; the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Mattar Jewelers

Mattar Jewelers is a respected Bahraini family business with roots that go back several generations. The company specializes in crafting exquisitely fine jewelry and products made from natural pearls, as well as developing natural pearl concepts and marketing them globally, with the aim of restoring these jewels to their former glory. The company is driven by the belief that the natural pearl - being the jewel of immortality - is humanity’s original and ultimate jewel.

Through the Ages

Carrying a pearl legacy since the late 1850s, the Mattar family became a name synonym to the Natural Pearl trade in the world.